Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Trip, Part 1

On a hike with Dad one day this fall, I pitched the idea of going to Boone around Thanksgiving to celebrate together and let the boys pick out our Christmas tree from a farm. Plans with extended family were on a Saturday earlier in November, so Thanksgiving day and the following weekend was free! Charlie had also been fascinated with Christmas trees, so I thought it would be something he and Henry would like. I thought it could be a sort of Barker/Byrd Family Thanksgiving Vacation, sort of like the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, during which they made a trek to get their own tree (however, I was hoping we could avoid the run-in with the tractor trailer and whatnot...). Once we all decided the trip was a go, we got to work making homemade ornaments for the tree! One morning the boys and I made cinnamon ornaments, and then another evening we painted and glittered pinecones we had found.

Preschoolers and paint gets messy, so there were no shirts.

Hard at work

Look at our pretty ornaments!

On Thanksgiving morning Mom, Dad, Daniel, and the 4 of us Byrds drove out to Boone for a delicious lunch at Cracker Barrel.

The whole gang!


Eating the ice cream off the top before he picked up the pie and proceeded to eat it like a slice of pizza... this is his MO for all pie eating at this point in his life.

Leaving full and happy (and maybe a bit sleepy...)

At Blowing Rock that afternoon. The actual trail was closed, but we enjoyed the view nevertheless and got to take pictures in front of this pretty building. Jimmy is not in this picture because he was watching football at the hotel (he was very happy about this!).

Brothers! Love this sweet picture!
We really enjoyed the views driving out to Blowing Rock and then back to the hotel as well. I don't think I would ever get tired of looking at mountain views!

At the indoor pool that evening...I clearly forgot my suit.

What a fun action shot!

Hangin' around

After swimming it was time for the boys' bath and then bed. We had a giant king-size bed in our room, so we all slept in the same bed, ha! It took quite a while to calm the boys down enough to go to sleep!

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel, rocked a few minutes on the front porch, and then drove to downtown Blowing Rock. The boys loved playing at a park we had found the day before. We also went into some shops and got snacks at a candy store. It was such a dreamy place to visit!

Our precious group shot at the park!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween 2015

We had brave and noble knights on Halloween! Here are the pictures from our fun evening.

The table decoration behind the jack o' laterns is something Charlie picked out. They both had fun decorating the house with various things from Dollar Tree. We actually used the pumpkin cupcake stand to hold cupcakes at small group one night, much to Charlie's delight!

We got the various pieces of their costumes at Dollar Tree as well (woohoo!). It was so hard for them to wait until Halloween to wear them and play with them!

The Gold Knight, Henry

The Silver Knight, Charlie

The boys had a ball trick-or-treating on Main Street, as well as in the Church of God parking lot. It's amazing how much little ones will walk for candy! :)

Some scary decor from one of the houses, which is always part of the fun! This year a zombie surprised all of us, and the boys decided they were NOT walking past that house again!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

First Day of Preschool & Our Move

I know I am way behind on blogging, so I thought I would catch up with the first picture in our camera. We like having our pictures organized on this blog, since we all enjoy going back to look at them from time to time. So without further ado...
Here are the sweet pictures from Charlie's first day at Wake Forest Baptist Church Preschool!

It was a rainy first day of school!

Sweet brothers! 
Charlie's red bag was given to him by the preschool; they prefer for all the kids to have matching bags that fit in the cubbies. We appreciated that too, since we didn't have to buy a bookbag!

When we dropped him off, Henry got to play a few minutes too!

Mrs. Betty Jenkins on the left, Mrs. Laura in the back.
A month or so after school started Mrs. Laura got a lead teacher position in another class and was moved across the hall. Mrs. Bethany Diaz joined their class as the assistant at that point. Charlie loved all three of the teachers he had! His schedule was M-Th. 

Last pic of my son before I walked down the hall. What a sweet, grown-up boy! I'm a proud mama!

After I dropped Charlie off I went back to this apartment to clean and get one last load of odds and ends.

We lived in Raleigh for the term of one lease, from July/August 2015 to the end of August 2016. 
I was not able to take the required number of hours to stay in seminary housing, so we headed for north Raleigh. We loved that this apartment complex was on Lake Lynn, and we enjoyed walking, jogging, bike riding, and wagon riding around the lake during the time that we were there. Jimmy had a shorter commute to work, which he liked, but I ended up driving back to WF (with the boys in tow) for at least four days every week. I had thought I could transfer to the Raleigh Sylvan, but that was not the case. Driving back and forth with the boys was exhausting and disrupted our evening schedule when they would fall asleep in the car. When it came time to renew our lease, we decided it would be best to move back to WF. At this point the seminary was offering great moving deals to students taking at least one class since the numbers in housing had dropped (due to online classes, hybrids, etc.). We enjoyed our foray into Raleigh (this city has so much to offer) but felt like we were truly at home when we came back to WF.

Some of the blessings we enjoyed most in our Raleigh year:
The boys' weekly LAMBS classes at Providence & my Bible study
Going to Finley YMCA, both to exercise in the gym and swim at the pool
Learning the Raleigh area better and enjoying new restaurants, malls, etc.
The Raleigh Parks and Rec system! (We really enjoyed Grey Stone Indoor Park, Baileywick, Sertoma, Lake Lynn, Shelley Lake, and Pullen Park. One of the best parts of Raleigh is the parks system!!!)
Most of all: Our involvement with Oaks Church Raleigh and the people we met as a result!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year!

Well I'm always behind on blogging, but at least now I'm in the right year! Ha! After our busy week of traveling we spent New Year's Day quietly, just the four of us. We started off at IHOP!

Our sweet-tooth boy got a chocolate pancake with chocolate chips, because he needs more sugar/energy. Right...

Case in point.

My adorable eldest.

After brunch we went to the Lake Lynn Community Center to try out the scooters and play! Henry had been asking (throughout our whole trip) when he could scooter, so he was super excited for this opportunity.

My little buddy. Walking with purpose!

Charlie loves to climb and investigate things, always observing, figuring out, and thinking.


It doesn't get much cuter than a hat with a poof on the top!

The boys on the climbing wall.

Playing tag with Daddy.

Riding his scooter. None of these pictures show it, but he is a speed demon on his scooter now! We had to get him a helmet because he goes too fast.

Charlie did a good job too but was not very interested.

He would rather run and climb on logs!